In 2017 , on the basis of the Faculty of Chemistry of Saint Petersburg State University will take place 10th annually conference “Mendeleev 2017”.

Working materials of conference “Mendeleev 2015” You can find on the site: Download

First conferences were held for students and postgraduate students of Faculty of Chemistry, and they were aimed to present the results of scientific researches, that were obtained in the laboratories of the Faculty. Since the very first Conference were chosen 4 sectors: analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry. Every year Conferences brought together more then 100 students and postgraduate students of Faculty of Chemistry, who wished to present their scientific achievements , to discuss their results with colleagues , and gain the priceless professional experience.

Jubilee 5th Conference “Chemistry in the Modern World”, that was dedicated to the 300th year since the birth of M.V. Lomonosov , gained the level of the All-Russia Conference with the international participation. Conference was visited by 256 participants from the 39 cities of Russia, as well as by scientists from the Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Plenary lectures have been read by the 13 world leading scientists from Russia, Spain (Prof. Obis Castano), Sweden (Prof. V. Kessler, Prof. O. Antzutkin), among them were 3 academicians of Russian Academy of Sciences – A.I. Rusanov, B.A. Trofimov, O.N. Chupakhin.

6th All-Russian Conference “Mendeleev – 2012” , that was planned as a broad scientific forum, expanded the format – were invited to take part in the Conference young scientists under 35.

Conference “Mendeleev – 2012” gained accreditation by the program “Participant of the youth scientific – innovative competition”, also known by the Russian acronym UMNIK. Goal of this program – detection and financial support of young scientist’s innovative projects. Moreover , within the conference was held the exhibition of the innovative scientific projects. In this conference participated 1015 members, and were presented 357 oral lectures, 333 poster presentations, and 325 lectures in absentia. Leading scientists of Russia and other countries presented their lectures, among them – academician of RAS, dean of the Faculty of Chemisrty of MSU Lunin V.V., corresponding member of RAS Ananikov V.P. , leading foreign scientists Prof. V. Gevorgyan (University of Illinois at Chicago), Prof. J. Mink (Hungarian Academy of Science), P. Lindquist-Reis (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), A. Bratov (Instituto de Microelectronica de Barcelona), and others.

In 2013 on the basis of the Faculty of Chemistry of Saint Petersburg State University was held 7th annual conference “Mendeleev 2013”. This conference expanded the format, and in the conference were included scientific works not on the field of chemistry, but works, that dwells on the problem of nanomaterials.