1) What are the requirements for abstracts of the conference "Mendeleev"?
Template of abstracts is available here. Also, is would be useful to read submission guidelines.

2) In what language should be submitted abstracts and presentation (oral and poster)?
Abstracts and presentation have to be submitted in English only.

3) How could I get an official invitation to participate in the conference "Mendeleev"?
To receive an official invitation you should sent to the General Inquiries of the conference the following information:

  • your name and surname
  • your position and scientific degree (if available)
  • the name of organization in which you learn/work
  • the title of your presentation

4) How could I get a certificate of participation in the conference "Mendeleev"?
Certificates will be issued to participants upon registration.

5) When will be held registration of participants of the conference "Mendeleev"?
Registration of participants will be open on all days of the conference.

6) When will be held the execution of business trip certificates and other financial documents?
Execution of business trip certificates and other financial documents will be held during all days of the conference.

7) What are the requirements for the poster presentation and the oral presentation at the conference "Mendeleev"?
All the requirements can be found here.

8) How can I get the information about the status of abstracts (accepted/rejected) and presentation (oral/poster)?
The information about acceptance/rejection of abstracts and the status of presentation (oral/poster) will be sent to you by e-mail after deadline for abstracts submission.

9) The file of abstracts contains a mistake. Could I correct it? And how?
Yes, you can do this until deadline for abstracts submission. You should contact the organizing committee.

10) When more detailed timetable of the conference will be available?
Exact timetable is available now.

11) With all your further you can contact us here.